When ordering personalised pedigrees  they must remember to send me a copy of the sire and dam’s pedigrees if the breed is NOT Irish Setters!!

Prices for the Pedigree Design Package per puppy are:

  1. Pedigree £6
  2. Puppy Care Booklet £15
  3. Laminated Diet Sheet £3 – done to breeders individual requirements
  4. Contract of Sale £2
  5. Pedigree Package (all 4 items) £25

Although these have codes…please ignore as each pedigree order is designed individually….these are just samples of previous work. Just helps to give them an idea.

Will send you more when I have scanned them in.

Forgot to say that pedigrees can also be printed on white card if preferred.

Customers need to contact me for these as they are a personalised order, giving me the following information:

KC Litter Registration document (copy)

Photo of sire
Photo of dam
Puppy photo if required
Info to be included: i.e. DNA test results (only for puppies
Hip Scores for ancestors in pedigree

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